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Diabetin in Brief

Diabetin now pass registration at the Pharmacological Committee of the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs of Georgia.

Diabetin has passed preclinical and clinical trials  in following organizations: 

  • Diabetic Association of Russia, Moscow, Russia.

  • The Center of Quantum and Genetic Medicine,Zagreb, Croatia

  • Clinical and Experimental Research Institute of Tbilisi State Medical University;

  • Medical & Biological Scientific Research Centre  – Company <<Alexis>>;

  • Laboratory of Cell Signal Mechanisms of the I.Paladin Institute of Biochemistry at Ukrainian Medical Academy;

  • Medical Research Institute of Physical Chemistry at the Ministry of Healthcare of Russian Federation;

  • Pharmacological Department of the Medical University of Russian Federation;

  • Fuji  Memorial Institute of the Preclinical Research, Bivako/Japan;

  • Tokushima Otsuka Immunology Research Institute, Japan;

  • okushima Institute  of New Drug Research and Safety Evaluation, Japan;


Diabetin is recommended for the treatment of the patients sick with 1a type diabetes.

Diabetin is a standardized combination of peptides identified from ecologically pure raw materials of plant origin (Know-how), by biochemical and chromatographically methods. In medical practice it is used as colorless injection solution.

Diabetin affects truth worthy positive effect on the measures of autoimmune pathogenic picture of 1a type diabetes melitis.

Necessary duration and number of courses of application of the medicine Diabetin should be defined for optimal continuation of remission and for induction of 1a type diabetes melitis. The medicine in one clinical picture revealed effectiveness of secondary autoimmune reactions in 1a type diabetes melitis, that indicates to prospectively of application of the medicine in establishment of insulin resistance resulted from immune processes as well for treatment of complicated diabetes, by autoimmune or immune components in pathogenesis.

Effectiveness may require additional research in case of exogenous autoimmune, glutein induced or casein induced forms of diabetes melitis. Effectiveness of the medicine may be resulted from expressly increased levels of C-reactive protein in the  2 nd type diabetes militis  when insulin resistant forms are faced. No system by-effects were revealed when using the medicine DIABETIN in the patients sick with 1a type diabetes.

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